Diamonds On Demand

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Diamonds On Demand

Cut, clarity, carat weight, and color? With so many things to consider, shopping for a diamond can be an overwhelming process. We get it and at Vardi Company it’s our goal to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.

Harnessing the power of technology, Diamonds on Demand gives you access to our vast inventory of diamonds. You’re also able to buy with confidence because we’ll work with your local jeweler to allow you to see the stone before making your investment. The service is free and there is no obligation to buy. Above all we want you to find not just any diamond, but the diamond.

How It Works

Finding the right rock is easy with Diamonds on Demand. Simply communicate your criteria to your local jeweler and they’ll check it against our inventory to see what is available. From there you can select one diamond, or many, and we’ll deliver them directly to your jeweler. Once you’ve had the opportunity to see the stones shine in person you can choose to purchase the diamond that you, or your love, will cherish forever.

Find A Jeweler Near You

Diamonds on Demand is a free service available through participating jewelers around the country. Click below to see if Diamonds on Demand is available through your local jeweler.