The BrideStar System

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Engagement Ring Shopping, Made Easy


BrideStar System

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is no simple process. After all it’s a symbol of your love, an item that you will both cherish forever. You might also be surprised – while you, or your loved one, may have always dreamed of wearing a platinum solitaire ring the story can change rather quickly when it comes to trying them on.

In order to ensure that you find the engagement ring that is perfect for your unique love story, the BrideStar System is designed to give you options. In one stop you’ll be able to try on different styles, see what different center stones would look like and also explore your customization options. There’s no need to visit multiple stores. The BrideStar System has it all.

How It Works

When you visit a participating jeweler they will present you with the BrideStar System so that you can try on a variety of engagement ring styles at one time. When you find a base style that you like, the real fun begins. Your jeweler will work with you to personalize the ring so that it suits your unique style. From there, sit back and relax. Your jeweler will submit your order and we’ll deliver you ring to their store within 5-7 business days.

Find A Jeweler Near You

BrideStar System is available through participating jewelers around the country. Click below to see if BrideStar System is available through your local jeweler.